The Dromid First Responders Group has been active in our community since 5th November 2007. The First Responders are working on a rota basis to assist members of our community in the event of a cardiac arrest / stroke / heart attack or choking. The ambulance covers a wide geographical area so the precious minutes that can be saved by the presence of a First Responder, can be the difference between life and death.

When a call is made to 999 the main call centre in Cork notifies the nearest ambulance and also the First Responder on call in the area. Croí Uíbh Ráthaigh have provided mobile phones and Defibrillators to all the First Responder areas in South Kerry.

In all Emergency cases dial 999 or 112

We currently have 18 trained and certified volunteers.

The First Responders Group in Dromid has received a second Defibrillator, co-funded by Forbairt na Dromoda and the local Biddy Group. Mary Sheehan, Coiscummeragh, presented the money on behalf of the Biddy Group.

For further information on becomming a volunteer: please contact Kevin Courtney on +353-86-8555843

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